COVID-19 and 2021 Booking Information!

Please see below for 2021 letter from your hosts!

(This page reflects current campground policies and limitations of amenities.

Please read thoroughly before booking!)

To our valued guests

(you feel more like family!)

2021 Letter

   Hello new friends and old friends.

We are currently closed and not taking reservations at this time due to an injury. We thank you for your understanding.


Please contact us February 1st to make your 2021 reservation. We hope to be taking reservations at that time.


We wish to thank everyone for their understanding regarding the washrooms not being open this past year. We remain hopeful that next year will be back to normal.

   Health orders permitting, we will be open again in either March or April 2021, depending on the weather.



   We wish you all a happy and safe Christmas!

   Thank you for your continued support of our Business and we hope to see you again in the Spring of 2021.

Shirley, Alyssa and Tim.





COVID 19 PRE-booking information!


For the safety and well being of all, we have had to make some changes to our policies and operations here at Canyon Alpine RV Park. These decisions and protocols may change as we receive new and updated information and directions from Federal and Provincial health officials.



As a basic foundation we ask that all guests staying with us comply with any social distancing measures laid out by Dr. Bonnie Henry or other government officials. Your site will be the central location of your stay and we must ask that stay within it as much as possible and that your children and dogs are not allowed to roam without adult supervision. Dogs as always must be leashed in the campground unless in our off leash area please.

To comply with social distancing measures and the safety of everyone’s beloved pets, only one family in the off leash area at a time please. Please be considerate of time if another family is waiting. All community toys have been removed, so please bring your own pet toys for playtime and remember you are responsible more than ever for cleaning up after your own pet.

Thank you!



Please note before booking that our Public Washrooms and Showers are closed and will remain closed until it is safe for us to re-open them again. We anticipate these services being closed for the remainder of the season, but will update here should that change.

All units booking with us will need to be self contained (have washrooms that are fully functioning), so that you have no need for public washrooms or bathing facilities.

Our Playground, Putting Green and Laundry facilities are open!



Each site has full hookups for water, sewer, electrical and cable and are tiered and spaciously laid out so that each family will have ample space to remain comfortably in their site primarily.



Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate tenters this season or anyone who does not come with their own washroom facility. We apologize for any inconvenience.



Guests will not be able to invite day visitors to drop by as per provincial health guidelines.



Check in procedure (very important.)

Please observe social distancing measures when waiting in line to check in. Only one family member at a time in the office to check in please. We have provided a distanced table for you to run your card through the POS terminal manually, which will be sanitized regularly.

MASKS ARE MANDITORY FOR CHECK-IN. The payment station will have hand sanitizer for your convenience, but please use your own whenever possible in case stocks run low and we are not able to acquire it.

Our office convenience store will be mainly closed but with some limited items available. Please ask us for assistance.

Nice mask Rover!

Please note! We are currently closed for winter and will not be taking 2021 reservations until minimum February 1st, due to a serious family injury. Thank you for your understanding.