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Our Story

Your Hosts Shirley & Tim

SHIRLEY was born and raised in the Lower Mainland of BC and has been in the Hospitality business for much of her life. She previously owned and operated Willoughby Manor Bed & Breakfast in Langley BC, and has also owned her own Catering company and Coffee shop.

She has three adult children and five grandchildren.

She loves the fresh air and mountains of Boston Bar and is thrilled to continue the tradition of hospitality in serving her Campground guests!

TIM was born in Andover, England and raised on Pilcot Farm in Dogmersfield and has lived in both Eastern and Western Canada.  Tim has spent time in occupations such as Landscaping and Commercial Insulation and greatly enjoyed running the Willoughby Manor B&B at Shirley's side. He is an avid reader and enjoys the outdoors and off roading. He has two adult children and enjoys visiting with guests at the campground.

The following poem was lovingly written by Tim's father Denis, under the pen name Rhymer.

Canyon Alpine RV Park

Boston Bar. BC.


Whether you’re a visitor from near or far,

why not stop awhile  at  BC’s Boston Bar.

Northbound Highway One is the road to take.

There nearby, is the perfect place to take a break.

Known as the RV Campground of Canyon Alpine,

where you can rest, relax or take a nap or dine,

amidst the quiet beauty of huge stately pine trees.

Here you’ll find all of a traveller’s basic amenities,

with a variety of hook-ups, and many other facilities.

Here your two hosts will do all they can to  please,

for they want to make your stay a pleasant occasion.

Close by, aptly suited to a nature lover’s persuasion,

is the Fraser River, where you can watch and hear

the rushing torrent of melt water rushing twixt sheer

cliffs of ancient rocks, in its haste to reach the sea.

A place where you can enjoy vicarious thrills and see

the spectacle of the gorge on Hell’s Tramway cable lift!

If this is not you? Take the suspension bridge to the gift

shop and museum, and spend an hour browsing history,

for close by is the old trail of the gold rush to Cariboo!

Maybe, just maybe if you brave the ferocious Fraser, you

can find a nugget missed by those who came this way

many, years before.  Doubtless it would make your day!

From our convenient location, there is much to do and see,

and you’ll want to return again, to refresh the memory

of those pleasant hours spent in the Boston Bar vicinity

as welcome guests of your hosts Shirley and Timothy,

both of whom are truly dedicated to cater to your every need.

One which they always regard as a pleasant task indeed!

So look, listen and relax, whilst we help you enjoy your stay,

be it for a day, a week, or more, before you go on your way

with memories of time spent in the Rocky Mountains of BC.

Canyon Alpine RV Park, where you added a stellar memory!


Rhymer.  August 18th, 2017.

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